Enjoy an aperativo in the paved piazzas of Lanciano with its blend of friendly traditional and upmarket shops, and marvel at its ancient Roman excavations and stunning historic architecture. Feast your eyes on the old city walls, admire the huge Basilica of Santa Maria del Ponte and the 800 year old Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Olive oil and wine co-operatives are an everyday feature of rural life and have retail outlets. Food lovers can also visit the home of authentic Italian pasta, De Cecco, at nearby Fara San Martino.

Abruzzo is for all seasons, nature takes the stage every day of the year and the show is new, breathtaking and thrilling.

Over the Maiella mountain range all roads do lead to Rome, the eternal city, little more than two hours away, connected to Abruzzo by fast motorways and excellent transport links.

Abruzzo has got it all.. ssshhhh its a secret.